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Building Regulations will apply to most new buildings and many alterations of existing buildings in the UK.

It’s advisable to set aside a contingency fund  for allowance of unexpected expenses that can arise when renovating your current home. You will also need a separate budget for decorating and furnishings once all structural work is complete.

This can seem extremely daunting to some customers as there are lots of different restrictions and can seem complicated especially with all paperwork and communicating correctly.

This is why here at Rightlook, we take on the project management for you. Working with you closely to create your dream home, from start to finish until the project completion. We want you to get the Rightlook!!


Extending the home is a popular way to increase space and add value to your home for your ever-growing family. Without the hassle of moving home. Click here to see some of our showcase extensions we have created so far.


Converting a part of your property into a more usable space is a great way to add value to the property while creating a new layout of your home. Practical and adventurous. See here for our multiple complex conversions we have tackled to date.


Making renovations to the home can be confusing in where to start. Tackling structural issues are usually first but reconfiguring your space primarily. Please look at fabulous home renovations carried out to date


When planning a house remodel, it is Crucial that we got the remodeling process right. First time. That's why here at Rightlook we offer one to one meeting's profession experience, advice and support with constant clear concise communication throughout your project. We want you to get the Rightlook!


Extending the home has become a very popular choice adding more space in your ever beloved home for your ever growing family.


Adding extra space to your family home while increasing property value.


Making renovations to either your kitchen or bathroom is always a great choice to give your home a new vibe with a fresh modern design bringing it into the 21st century.


We can help you achieve the Rightlook, working closely with you and your budget to create your dream space.

How Rightlook runs the show



Book your appointment for a survey to be carried out.



Your drawings/ calculations and documentation are submitted to us.



Receive your quotation/ estimation.



We fix the project start date with an accurate profile timetable for work to commence.



Your project is carried out with constant communication and care throughout



Time to enjoy your completed project , you now have the Rightlook!



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Newbuild Considerations​

A few considered when starting a Newbuild:

Other Construction

A few things to consider when extending, converting or renovating:


Newbuild Considerations

A few considered when starting a Newbuild:
- Structure & Fire Safety Reports
- Building Control
- Building Registration
- Land Registry
- Structural Engineer Reports
- All heating & plumbing
- Ventilation
- Drainage
- Waste Disposal
- Contractor Works
- Roofing
- Energy Efficiency
- Certificates of Completion

Other Considerations

A few things to consider when extending, converting or renovating:
- Architect/Designer
- Structural Engineer fees
- Planning Permission Costs
- Building Control fees
- Party Wall Agreement if Necessary
- Contractors Works
- Folding/Sliding Doors & Windows
- Upgrading or Moving Heating, Plumbing & Electrics

Don't panic as we have it covered!

Get the Rightlook.