EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems

Rubber Bond Fleece Back EPDM Single Ply Flat Roofing is where the future of roofing is headed!

For a durable flat roof that withstands the elements year-on-year, you can do no better than a Rubber Bond Fleece Back EPDM rubber roofing system.

EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) sheeting has excellent water resistance, both fresh and salt, as well as being very good with ozone, UV and oxidation.  The temperature and weathering properties of EPDM rubber sheeting are also outstanding.  These factors make EPDM ideal for use in water and are often the material of choice for potable water.

E.P.D.M is a great way to re-line the inside of Finlock concrete guttering, EPDM has many more productive uses where a water barrier is needed to be applied.